Can an individual participate in both an HSA and an FSA or HRA?
Yes. An individual can participate in both an FSA and HRA with no limitations on what can be covered. An individual can participate in an HSA, along with either an FSA or HRA, if the FSA or HRA is a Limited or Post-Deductible Plan. This information must be specified in the Plan Document.

Can I order more debit cards?
If your HRA plan offers a debit card, additional cards may be ordered for dependents that are covered under the HRA. The dependents must be 18 years of age or older. You may be required to complete a Dependent Card Request Form if we do not have your dependent already in the system. Additional fees may apply.

What happens if I don’t cash my reimbursement check within 90 days?
Your check is void after 90 days. Simply send it back to Medcom and request a replacement.

Where do I send my substantiation or claim?
The most efficient means of submitting documents is through the online portal or mobile app. You will need an itemized receipt or an Explanation of Benefits to support your request for reimbursement. By using the online portal and mobile app, you can simply upload a PDF copy or take a picture!