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Earth Charter International

About Earth Charter International

The mission of Earth Charter International is to contribute to the transition to sustainable ways of living on the planet.


  1. To raise awareness worldwide of the Earth Charter and to promote understanding of its inclusive, ethical vision.
  2. To promote the adoption and use of the Earth Charter as an ethical guide and the implementation of its principles by civil society, business, and government.
  3. To encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter in schools, universities, religious communities, local communities, and many other settings.
  4. To promote recognition and use of the Earth Charter as a soft law document.

"The four pillars of the Earth Charter incorporate universal values such as ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace, and respect and care for the diversity of all life. We are using the Earth Charter as a framework for integrating these values into our corporate culture. These values will serve as a guiding light to all of the Community Outreach programs in which our employees develop and engage. Our employees reach a large constituency of citizens and programs in need at local schools and the larger community. As an organization, we gain from their expanded sense of consciousness as a critical part of their professional and personal growth. In addition to this, ECI provides several dynamic and participatory online courses in sustainability and ethics, which we encourage and support our employees and extended community to take."

-President of Medcom Benefit Solutions, Michael J. Bracken

Medcom will utilize this partnership to increase employee involvement in the community and provide a more well-rounded workplace. We hope to contribute to the lives of our employees and the lives of those in the community beyond benefits. We intend to provide local citizens and businesses with the tools to create and be a part of a cohesive, sustainable, empathetic, and forward-thinking place to live. Medcom Benefit Solutions is partnering with Earth Charter International with our future in mind.

To learn more about how Medcom can help your organization become involved or take an Earth Charter class, please contact Michael Bracken at

For more information about Earth Charter International, visit their website:

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