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is proud to introduce our expanded partnership with Medcom Benefit Solutions in offering Regulatory and Actuarial services.

Reporting Still Matters!

Medcom Benefit Solutions and Assurex Global have partnered together to provide you with an ACA Full Service Solution.

Regulatory & Actuarial Services

Medcom Benefit Solutions' actuarial services are designed to empower employers by providing the detailed information needed to successfully navigate through the complex world of healthcare benefit planning. Our analysis delivers an in-depth examination of current benefit policies, renewal options and future prospects. Armed with actuarial sound cost projections and risk assessments, employers are able to make cost saving decisions that will work proactively over the long term.

Professional Health & Welfare Compliance Services

ERISA Wrap Documents & Summary Plan Descriptions

A Wrap Plan is the most efficient method of bringing health and welfare benefit plan documents into full compliance with ERISA and consolidating plans for Form 5500 filing purposes. Additionally, the Wrap Plan provides an ERISA compliant Summary Plan Description (SPD) for distribution to plan participants as required by federal law.

CDHP & Cafeteria Plan Documents & Amendments

Your Cafeteria Plan plays a critical role in defining your benefit plan options and the tax treatment of employee contributions. Whether you have an existing Cafeteria Plan that needs to be amended or require a brand new Premium Only Plan, FSA, HRA, DCAP or Transit Plan Document, Medcom is well-equipped to provide this essential documentation in accordance with the requirements of ERISA and Healthare Reform legislation.

Comprehensive Health & Welfare Documentation Audit

An employer's entire benefit program should be evaluated from time to time to identify and remedy any areas of non-compliance or exposure. Don't wait for an auditor to knock on your door! Let Medcom's compliance experts help you stay compliant by evaluating your full program and recommending proactive solutions.

Form 5500 Filing & SAR

Medcom provides complete Form 5500 preparation for Health and Welfare Plans, including the Summary Annual Report (SAR). We also offer expert preparation and consulting services for delinquent filings.

Professional Health & Welfare Compliance Services

Compliance Review

Complete Health & Welfare Compliance Documentation Audit

Less than 250 Employees
250-499 Employees
500-2,499 Employees
2,500+ Employees

Form 5500 Reporting

Form 5558-Extention of Time
Form 5500-Electronic Filing Required (Includes SAR) Includes up to 10 Schedule A or C Addendums
$450 per filing
Additional Schedules A or C
$100 each
Delinquent Form 5500 Filings-Additional Consulting Fee
$150 per filing - 600 Max.

Wrap Document Preparation

"Stand Alone" Wrap Document & ERISA SPD
Restatement of existing Medcom “Stand Alone” Wrap Plans
Unlimited Amendments to Medcom's Wrap Plan of 3-years
Review & Update of Existing Employer Wrap Document
$175/hr. - 350 Min.
Required Notice Package Buy Up

Operation Comply

Special Fees available through 3 Month OC Campaign

Plan Documentation Preparation

POP Only Plan Document
Section 105 (h) HRA Document
Section 125 & 129 FSA Document


Amending of Wrap Documents or other Plan Documents
$150 per amendment

Actuarial Services

HRA COBRA Rate Certification
$450 per plan
Self-Funded COBRA Rate Certification
$450 per plan
IBNR Computation
$,750 per report
HRA Plan Design Matrix Projections
$725 per plan
Fully insured Renewal Cost Analysis
$1,075 per plan
Self-Funded Cost Projection
$2,750 per plan
Preparation of Funding Analysis Report
$4,250 per plan

Other Professional Services

Auditing & Consulting

Pricing exclusive to Assurex Global partners.

Are You Compliant with the Affordable Care Act?

The ongoing implementation of the Healthcare Reform legislation has caused businesses across America to brace themselves for sweeping change. Among all the challenges the new legislation has brought to employers, uncertainty is perhaps the most difficult.

Medcom is committed to providing employers with more confidence when facing the uncertainty of Healthcare Reform.

Medcom's expert staff of compliance professionals are her to help employers face the challenge of Healthcare Reform. With over 33 years of experience, Medcom is equipped and ready to be your strategic partner, advisor and Healthcare Reform compliance specialist.


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Other Services

Medcom Benefit Solutions is a leading employee benefits administrator, well-known for specializing in exceptional service and offering a variety of products that are designed to help employers meet the challenges of a rapidly changing workforce. With a professional staff of specialists, Medcom Benefit Solutions offers consulting services relating ERISA compliance, COBRA adminstration, Flexible Spending Account administration, Health Reimbursement Arrangement administration, Retiree Billing and Health Savings Account administration.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Plan Documents
  • Dependent Care Assistance
  • Form 5500 Filings
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Nondiscrimination Testing
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • WRAP Documents
  • COBRA Administration
  • Compregensive ERISA Plan Reviews
  • Reitree Billing Administration
  • HIPAA Trainings

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