Thanksgiving Traditions Around the U.S.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're reading this today, we appreciate your commitment! If you're not, we hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Personally, coming from an immigrant family, Thanksgiving wasn't very big in our household, so I learned traditions through my friends' and my partner's families. Growing up in the south, I've learned casseroles to be a staple at the table, and canned, not homemade, cranberry sauce seems to be the way to go.

One such tradition in my family entails me getting up before 8 a.m. to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. And yes, I do this willingly for fun. I'm so glad they've been able to keep the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade going throughout the pandemic. If you're looking for where to watch the parade check out this Today Show article.

Does Thanksgiving look a little different where you grew up? I know I didn't realize that not everyone eats mashed potatoes with gravy and turkey where they're from!

Check out some of these common foods at the Thanksgiving tables around America:

NortheastUS Map by region

Sauerkraut and Crab cakes- Maryland region

Hasty pudding and Stuffing with clams/oysters- New England region

Cranberry relish



cheesy mashed potatoesMidwest

Cheesy mashed potatoes-Wisconsin region

Wild rice casserole-common in Minnesota





Southkentucky derby pie

Sweet potato pie

Pecan pie-Georgia

Candied sweet potatoes

Macaroni and cheese

Shrimp and sausage boil-Louisiana

Derby pie-Kentucky

Fried Turkey-Texas

pumpkin empanadasWest

Frog eye salad

Pumpkin empanadas-New Mexico/Arizona region

Okinawan purple sweet mashed/baked potatoes-Hawaiian

Green bean casserole

Mushroom gravy


It's crazy to think this is now our second Thanksgiving in a pandemic, but we are so grateful to our clients and partners who have stayed with us through all the changes and to our employees who have persevered during this challenging time and continue to keep our business going! 

Wherever you're at we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of delicious food!