MedcomBridge: Calming the Waters

MedcomBridge: Calming the Waters

The MedcomBridge can calm the waters of heath and welfare compliance by simplifying your most daunting tasks. Whether it is requesting new services or updating and renewing your clients' Wrap and POP plans, all of it is possible through the online compliance operating system. Take the MedcomBridge and run with it; use the sophisticated Health & Welfare Compliance platform to establish and complete a significant move with the compliance status of your clientele. 

Request a proposal and have it within seconds! Move forward with the proposal and get connected with one of our compliance experts! Confirm the timing and billing of all projects all in one place! Send communications to your colleagues or Medcom's team of JD's in an instant. Use the calendar option to set up future events and reminders for renewals. Access our document vault to look back on previous proposals and orders. Watch helpful tutorials on essential compliance issues with our video repository. Set up each staff member with their individual account while keeping it connected to your company account. The MedcomBridge has it all; we can even customize it to your favorite color!

Allowing the MedcomBridge to assist your team will help you all sleep a little better at night. The hard work just got a lot easier, and Medcom benefit Solutions is happy to help. We are here to answer your questions about all the ways MedcomBridge can serve your team. Reach out to us for a one-on-one or group demo on the system and to receive your login credentials.

Now, take a break! Sit back and relax!