MedcomBridge: Simplify the Process

MedcomBridge: Simplify the Process

Welcome back!

Now that you are envisioning how a global inventory management system fits into your bag of tricks to strengthen your compliance practice, you are probably wondering how you streamline the process for getting the job done in short order. With a clear game plan, you need a reliable system or partner to prepare the necessary documents and filings. 

That's Where the MedcomBridge Comes In!

The Bridge affords you a user-friendly and intuitive internal platform that enables you to prepare proposals for professional services, order compliance work, track the progress of each order and manage the delivery of all compliance services. 

  • Secure, fully encrypted system
  • Secure email communications
  • Secure final document vault with ease of access
  • Self-designed point-of-sale payment system
  • Document order tracking capabilities

Your firm controls the switch as it relates to how your client accounts are organized and changed over time. For example: if employer X gets transferred from one book of business to another, there is a seamless transition. Each Account Management team follows a uniform process throughout the organization and the Management Reports keep everyone informed and engaged as continuous progress is made towards the overall corporate compliance goals. 

Next week we will take one final look at the MedcomBridge and how it can help streamline your business processes.