MedcomBridge: You Asked. We Listened

MedcomBridge: You Asked. We Listened

Medcom Benefit Solutions has the good fortune of partnering with some of the most sophisticated and committed employee benefit consultants in the U.S. Most of them are truly focused on preparing their clients for the potential of a DOL audit, but time always has a habit of getting in the way of execution and, in some cases, their comprehensive compliance game plan never reaches full throttle. Sound familiar?

Medcom Benefit Solutions can help! 

We offer a dynamic new compliance operating system called Medcom Bridge, which addresses the compliance development needs of most employee benefit practices. 

Medcom Bridge Focuses on These Critical Areas

Delivering a Global Inventory Management System

  • How does your book of business stack up in the way of meeting full DOL compliance?

  • How does each producer's book look?

Simplifying the Entire Account Management Process

  • Do you have another internal tool that enables you to prepare proposals, order compliance work, track the progress of pending work orders and manage the delivery of all professional services?

Maintaining a DOL Proof Centralized Repository

  • Are you able to maintain a centralized portal for each client which includes all completed compliance deliverables and the relevant back-up data?

Training Library

  • Do you have an up-to-date library of videos, white papers, and other marketing pieces to support internal and external training and development needs?

Professional Legal Counsel on the Fly

  • Do you have access to setting up client appointments with a team of JDs?

The MedcomBridge Complements your entire Health & Welfare Compliance practice regardless of how it is configured. We will spend the next few weeks digging into the details of how MedcomBridge will positively change your compliance direction and help generate more business.