What’s New with Commuter Benefits?

What’s New with Commuter Benefits?

Oh, the old Commuter Benefits. You have to love an extra benefit to reimburse parking and transit to employees! The whole idea is pretty impressive: use your company-issued debit cards to pay for your train or commuter car ride. Get reimbursed for parking expenses. No receipt substantiation. No hassle. Pretty great, huh!?

Well, drum roll, please...

Commuter Benefits is now EVEN BETTER!

Employees can now use their commuter benefits and PRE-TAX dollars to pay for eligible uberPOOL, Lyft Line, and VIA rides through the Transit Rideshare Program. The benefits are easy to use, too! Simply request a ride via the appropriate app, select their benefits debit card as their payment method, and START SAVING!


What does the participant experience look like?

Enroll: Employees must first elect to enroll in the Commuter Benefits program.

Connect: Employees can add their benefits debit card to their ride accounts.

Pay: Employees select their benefits debit card as their payment option.

It is as simple as that!

No more timing your commute around ever-changing public transit schedules. No longer will you struggle through traffic only to park blocks away from your office! The commuter benefits rideshare option makes getting to work less stressful for everyone. The transit rideshare program is not available in all cities. For a complete list of eligible cities for Lyft Line, uberPool and Via, please visit the Commuter Benefits section of our website here.