Can I order more debit cards?
No. Transit and Parking expenses are intended to be for employment related expenses only for the employee.

How do I file a claim online?
Login to the WealthCare Portal at and navigate to the “File a Claim” section under the “My Accounts” tab. Complete the form, upload your receipt, accept the certification, click “Submit” and you’re done!

How do I purchase my specific Mass Transit or Parking pass?
You may use your debit card up to the amount that has accumulated in the account via payroll deductions less prior claims paid. You may only charge up to the amount of the monthly maximum set by the IRS for each calendar month. Attempts to pay for services above this amount will be declined. The monthly maximum typically changes from year-to-year.

What are my reimbursement options?
You may use the debit card in most cases to use the funds in your account. However, you may also submit manual claims for reimbursement through the online portal or the mobile app. These reimbursements may be sent to you via check or direct deposit, if your employer allows direct deposit. You must complete a Direct Deposit Form if we do not already have your bank account information on file and submit along with a copy of a voided check.