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Despite changes to Health Care Reform legislation, Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) are still required to offer health coverage and report on the offer of coverage to the IRS or face substantial penalties. Medcom’s full-service ACA solution takes the burden off employers by providing a team of seasoned compliance experts to help simplify the reporting process. Medcom’s proprietary software generates reliable results and provides penalty projection assessments and affordability monitoring to help catch potential risks early. With Medcom’s full-service turnkey solution, comprehensive software, and expert staff, we can design a customized experience to fit your needs. Our team leads the industry in customer service and satisfaction, resulting in 100% of our client’s Forms 1094 and 1095 meeting IRS deadlines since 2015.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the Health Care industry, Medcom is equipped and ready to be your strategic partner, advisor, and Health Care Reform compliance specialist. We are committed to providing employers the confidence they need when facing the continuing challenges of Health Care Reform. Join our team today, and let us put you first.

2024 Shortlister Top Vendor

Medcom received another Shortlister Top Vendor badge for ACA Reporting Software for Q3 2024! Shortlister is the #1 marketplace for employers and consultants to find and select providers in the benefits administration field. To determine top vendors, Shortlister evaluates company size and stability, business performance, and market presence, also known as "buzz factor." 

Annual ACA Employer Reporting

  • Strategic planning session with a dedicated Account Manager
  • Established timelines and reminders to keep you on track to meet IRS deadlines
  • Secure, customized portal to send and receive data
  • Identification, collection, analysis, and management of relevant data
  • Complex data aggregation and clean-up by dedicated Data Analyst
  • Rigorous, multi-tiered audits to quickly locate data inconsistencies and potential errors
  • Determination of who must receive Form 1095
  • Safe Harbor determination
  • Preparation of Forms 1094 and 1095 according to IRS regulations
  • Electronic distribution of completed Form 1094 and 1095 to the employer
  • Mailing of completed Form 1095 to employees
  • Transmittal of completed Forms 1094 and 1095 to the IRS
  • Model notice and Q&A provided to the employer for educating employees regarding Form 1095
  • ACA E-File Correction Support
  • Standard Help Desk services: Your dedicated Account Manager is available year-round to provide guidance regarding 6055 and 6056 obligations  

Compliance experts who constantly monitor the changing laws and provide updates as necessary 

Annual ACA FTE Benefit Eligibility Tracking

  • Tracking Employee Benefit Eligibility for calendar year [i.e. Seasonal & Variable Hour Tracking]
  • Tracking based on specific measurement period and plan year needs
  • In-depth analysis of historical and current census and employee hours
  • Complete analysis of employees in the standard measurement period and initial measurement period by employment status
  • Executive summary report listing employees who are tracking as full time based on the number of hours worked
  • Data Analytics team audits the data and generates a list of flagged employees  
  • Explicit list of the latest date benefits should be offered to maintain compliance
  • Special tracking for school systems

Employee Call Center Support

  • A dedicated team of trained professionals who are ready to answer all of your employees’ ACA questions about their 1095 forms
  • Individual support and expert knowledge that will reduce the traffic of calls and questions to your HR Department
  • Toll-free number available from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST effective from February 1 through April 15

ACA Employer Reporting Late Filings

Mailing and e-filing are available for employers who have failed to meet the ACA Employer Mandate requirements by the IRS deadline. This service applies to employers who have failed to complete the reporting in prior years as well. Once an employer determines they did not complete the ACA Employer Reporting for a prior year and they were an ALE, it is best to complete the reporting as soon as this is discovered vs. not filing at all.

Employer Penalty Appeal Support

  • A dedicated team of professionals with knowledge and experience in ACA regulations directs the penalty appeal process for you
  • In-depth review of the data and codes provided to the IRS as well as the penalty letter received from the IRS
  • Seasoned ACA professionals research the assessed penalties and determine how the penalties can be reduced
  • Formulated Appeal response crafted for your specific needs
  • Both ACA Reporting Penalty Appeal Support and Shared Responsibility Penalty Appeal Consulting Services are available

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