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HIPAA Privacy and Security

Medcom offers the Total Solution when it comes to HIPAA Privacy and Security. We work with HR Departments and security partners to build a compliant HIPAA Plan. 

Let Medcom do the heavy lifting for you!

The Medcom Advantage:

  • Review current policies and procedures and update, complete, and store all HIPAA compliant policies, both for privacy and security
  • Ensure that the following risk assessment are completed and will document all deficiencies as they pertain to:               
    • Security Risk Assessments
    • Privacy Assessments
    • Administrative Risk Assessments
  • Ensure and address deficiencies identified in risk assessments
  • Conduct detailed HIPAA Privacy and Security Training
  • Help identify all Business Associates and ensure that appropriate Business Associate Agreements are in place
  • Make sure that there is the ability to track, investigate, and manage all security incidents, big or small, whether or not there is an actual breach

Medcom Benefit Solutions also offers a la carte HIPAA services, including HIPAA training and HIPAA Privacy and Security Polices. 

HIPAA Privacy Package

Our HIPAA Privacy Package includes the following customized documents:

  • Privacy Checklist
  • Privacy Policy and Procedures
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Business Associate Agreement Template
  • Privacy Complaint Form
  • Privacy Complaint Log
  • Record Request Form
  • Record Request Log
  • PHI Disclosure Log
  • Authorization Form
  • Privacy Officer Job Description
  • Training Log and Checklist

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