Are there any fees associated with my HSA account?
Typically no, however, it depends on how your employer has setup the account. If you invest in one or more investment options, you may be required to pay an additional fee.

Can an individual participate in both an HSA and an FSA or HRA?
Yes. An individual can participate in an HSA, along with either an FSA or HRA, if the FSA or HRA is a Limited or Post-Deductible Plan. This information must be specified in the Plan Document.

Can I order more debit cards?
Yes. You can order additional debit cards for your spouse and/or eligible dependents who are at least 18 years old. You may be required to complete a Dependent Card Request Form if we do not have your dependent already in the system. Additional fees may apply.

Can I roll over funds from another account?
Yes, you can rollover funds from another account. You will need a transfer or rollover form, depending on what type of account you are rolling the funds from.

Do I need to submit documentation for HSA transactions or distributions?
No. Transactions and distributions made under the HSA are not substantiated by Medcom. The account holder is responsible for ensuring that all expenses claimed under the HSA are eligible. It is recommended you maintain copies of the itemized receipts or Explanation of Benefits for all expenses paid with the HSA in case of an audit.

How and when can money be taken out of an HSA?
HSA funds are accessible through the debit card. Payments may also be made to providers and to reimburse the account holder for expenses paid out of pocket through the online portal at Checkbooks are also available and can be requested through the bank.

How much can I contribute to my HSA?
HSA maximums are set based on the coverage tier (employee only or family coverage) and change from year-to-year.

What are the tax advantages of owning an HSA?
There are three tax advantages to owning an HSA:
o Contributions are made on a tax-free basis;
o Distributions from the HSA are tax-free; and
o Earnings made through investment options are also tax-free.

Where can I find out what is a reimbursable expense?
Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code outlines the expenses covered under an HSA Plan. You may visit the Participant Portal ( and use the Search Engine located under the HSA Tools to determine if an expense is eligible.