The Document Checkup

A concise, written analysis of key provisions in the employer’s SPDs, Wrap Document, Cafeteria Plan, stop loss policy (if applicable), certificates of coverage, employee handbook, and enrollment materials. The Document Checkup is designed as a cost-effective solution for identifying potential coverage gaps and conflicts in eligibility, termination of coverage, leave of absence and other essential provisions. The review may be ordered as an a la carte “compliance checkup” or combined with the preparation of a Wrap Plan to allow for additional cross-checks and customizations.

The following areas are analyzed:

  • Plan names/numbers
  • Effective dates
  • Currency and general compliance status of documents
  • Eligibility provisions
  • Paid and unpaid leave provisions
  • Termination of coverage provisions
  • Potential coverage gaps
  • Other common problem areas

The documents reviewed include the following:

  • All of the current certificates of coverage
  • Enrollment materials/plan summaries
  • Employee Handbook
  • Wrap and Cafeteria Plan Documents/SPDs
  • Stop Loss policy (for partially self-funded groups)

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