The Document Checkup

A concise, written analysis of key provisions in the employer’s SPDs, Wrap Document, Cafeteria Plan, stop-loss policy (if applicable), certificates of coverage, employee handbook, and enrollment materials. The Document Checkup is designed as a cost-effective solution for identifying potential coverage gaps and conflicts in eligibility, termination of coverage, leave of absence and other essential provisions. The review may be ordered as an a la carte “compliance checkup” or combined with the preparation of a Wrap Plan to allow for additional cross-checks and customizations.

The following areas are analyzed:

  • Plan names/numbers
  • Effective dates
  • Currency and general compliance status of documents
  • Eligibility provisions
  • Paid and unpaid leave provisions
  • Termination of coverage provisions
  • Potential coverage gaps
  • Other common problem areas

The documents reviewed include the following:

  • All of the current certificates of coverage
  • Enrollment materials/plan summaries
  • Employee Handbook
  • Wrap and Cafeteria Plan Documents/SPDs
  • Stop-Loss policy (for partially self-funded groups)

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