Back to [new] Normal

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year already?? Last year felt like a century, and this year is speeding by! So many businesses are gradually opening their offices back up as COVID cases decrease and vaccinations increase.

This week, Medcom welcomed back many who were working from home for more than a year! We are open at a limited capacity, with most of our employees on a hybrid schedule. Bringing people back does not come without some safety procedures in place, of course. We continue to have capacity maximums for each room, regular disinfecting of high-touch areas, and encourage the use of masks if unable to keep a six-foot distance for more than 15 minutes. These, along with many other measures, are in place to ensure the safety of our employees.

One of the things this pandemic taught us is how adaptable companies and their employees are in times of uncertainty. It took a bit of adjusting to being home all the time, but now it is a safe haven for many. Of course, with businesses opening up, it is normal to feel anxious and experience  “re-entry anxiety,” but there are ways to circumvent and cope with this anxiety.

  • Make sure your office has proper COVID guidelines in place.woman on laptop working from home
  • Wear a mask if unvaccinated or cannot keep socially distant.
  • Keep your desk area clean and decorate it to feel more like home.
  • Dress up – we’ve been cooped up in sweatpants for over a year, time to bring out that outfit that makes you feel like a boss!
  • Work hybrid (if possible) to ease into office life again.
    • The Pulse of the American Worker Survey found that 87% of people want to work from home at least one day of the week.
    • Studies show 68% of American workers prefer the hybrid work model.
  • Reach out to a mental health professional if you’re still having trouble completing everyday tasks after some time.

As employers, we must be flexible and understand employee needs while we all adjust. In addition, as individuals, we must be respectful towards one another to make certain we all feel safe and comfortable in the office. Finally, we must be ready as our “new normal” will continue to grow and change with our environment, employee needs, and circumstances.

As always, Medcom is here to help. If you need specific training on employee benefits and how they changed throughout the pandemic, we can make that happen. Our team can build custom training to suit the needs of your team; whether you need a refresher on COBRA administration and a review of the ARPA regulation, or if you have new employees who need HIPAA Privacy & Security training, we are here to help. Reach out to for more information on the customizable training solutions we provide.