Earth Charter Celebrates 20 Years!

Earth Charter Celebrates 20 Years!

HAPPY 20 Years to Earth Charter International!

June 29, 2020, will mark a very important date in ECI history. 20 years ago the Earth Charter was formally launched in a special ceremony held at The Peace Palace in The Hague, the Netherlands after years of planning, development, consultations, and brain-work.  

To celebrate, Earth Charter, in collaboration with numerous partner organizations, presents a series of webinars: EC+20 Turning Conscience into Action for a Thriving Earth. The event provides a communal space for presenters and participants alike to consider the relevance of the Earth Charter to our modern society and in the face of the current global pandemic.

According to the EC website, the series:

  • Emphasizes the importance to continue to expand human consciousness and understanding of the interdependence of our environmental, social, and economic challenges
  • Provides a space to reflect on current challenges, look back on what has happened over the past two decades, reflect on the relevance of the Earth Charter to currents times and enhance synergies and collaboration towards the realization of the Earth Charter goals

All of the webinars featured in the series are free to the public. Registration is required, however, so we are providing the links below. We hope you re able to join this spectacular celebratory event!

Webinar 1: Turning Conscience Into Action for Global Collaboration

Webinar 2: Turning Conscience Into Action in an Interdependent World

Webinar 3: (SPANISH) Turning Conscience Into Action in the Transformation of Education Sytems