Earth Charter Introductory Course

Earth Charter Introductory Course

Earth Charter International is offering a brand-new class accessible to everyone, called the Earth Charter Introductory Course. If you are unfamiliar with Earth Charter and wonder what it is, let us walk you through some main features!

Earth Charter is several moving parts. First is the Earth Charter document, a set of four pillars broken down into 16 principles that define and represent a framework to make the world a better place. Any person or company that signs the Charter agrees to do their best to emulate and promote the Earth Charter values. The four pillars are: Respect and Care for the Community of Life, Ecological Integrity, Social and Economic Justice, and Democracy, Nonviolence, and Peace.

The next part is the Earth Charter International (ECI). ECI is an organization that educates and brings like-minded people together, through the lens of the Earth Charter. ECI has a network of people dedicated to doing whatever they can to make the world a better place, as inspired by the Earth Charter. ECI also contains the Earth Charter Education Center, where experts in that network of people teach classes about sustainability, leadership, and ethics.

The last part is the Earth Charter Movement, cultivated through the EC's international impact. The movement is a group of people in the ECI network, have taken classes from the EC Education Center, or have read and agreed to the Earth Charter Document. This coalition continues to spread the message and intent of the Charter.

The new class offered through the EC Education Center is an Introductory Course for parties who wish to learn the basics. The non-facilitated, online session allows for self-paced learning. With a lighter workload than other EC classes, students can work through the course in as little as six hours, or take as long as two months. The style is entirely self-designed. The introductory course focuses on the Earth Charter document specifically and how it can affect decision-making, worldview, and how people treat others. This class is a good fit or anyone and cost-effective at only $50 per person. If you are short on time and are interested in learning more about the Earth Charter, this class is for you.

If you seek a more in-depth look at the Earth Charter, facilitated by an EC expert, check out their classes on Sustainable Business, Urban Sustainable Development, and Leadership, Sustainability, and Ethics.

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