Medcom’s New ACA Connect Platform

Medcom’s New ACA Connect Platform

Medcom Benefit Solutions recently announced a significant and valuable platform for its ACA division with the introduction of ACA Connect. This program enhances and streamlines the ACA Reporting process for our clients and brokers by providing intuitive and centralized technology!

An Overview of ACA Connect's Capabilities

  • Send and receive data files securely
  • View employer, plan, premium, employee, and dependent data
  • View 1094 Forms by Employer EIN
  • Review 1095 Forms by specific categories
  • Generate PDF and Excel reports
  • Notate updates on specific fields
  • Schedule a call with assigned Account Manager
  • Receive secured notifications
  • Gain access to timely and readily available reference materials
  • Upload employer and employee data
  • Download employer and employee reports
  • The document vault will house valuable reference materials for clients and brokers
    • The materials include the annual model notice, data PowerPoint, data template, the code combination chart, and much more

Page Functionalities within ACA Connect

The Employer List Tab

  • The employer list tab includes each EIN for which the employer/broker has access to view
  • For example, if an employer has three EINs, all three EINs will be listed
  • Notifications appear (in red) at the top right corner of the screen
  • The phone button in the top right corner can be used to schedule a call with the group's designated Account Manager
  • The profile picture can be updated in the top right corner of the screen

The Employer Details Tab

  • The employer details tab show specific information about the EIN, including 1094 information
  • Notes can be left on specific fields if updates are needed

The Employees Tab

  • Employees may be sorted based on their first name, last name, last four digits of their SSN, whether or not they are receiving a form, their status (full-time or part-time) if they waived or enrolled in coverage, plan offered, and any flags that are listed
  • The information shown on the employee screen can be viewed for each employee
    • In addition to the information you can see on this screen, the hire/termination information, status information, coverage information, and payroll information can also be viewed by selecting the specific tabs
  • Flagged employees show a red flag in the 'Flag' column
    • These employees have been flagged by Medcom
    • Medcom needs confirmation on a specific field and/or the employee may need additional review by the client/broker as the employee may lead to a potential penalty, e.g., unaffordable coverage or no offer of coverage
  • The employee screen houses Part I, II, and III of the employee's 1095 Form
  • Hovering over the codes illustrates the definition of the codes, e.g.:
    • Hover over 1H, you will see 'No offer of coverage'
    • Hover over 2A, you will see 'Not an employee'
  • Specific employee flags, if applicable, are listed under the codes
  • Notes can be left on specific fields if updates are needed

The Reports Tab

  • Employers and brokers can generate reports such as 1094 Forms and 1095 Forms
  • E-filing data is also available for review

Future Connect Features

  • Employer Dashboard that includes potential penalty assessments, deadlines, status updates, distribution charts, and more
  • Broker Dashboard that provides current client status updates and process tracking

We are consistently adding new features to the platform to make it even more convenient for brokers and clients!

You can view our ACA Connect overview HERE.

Important Update: The deadline for new ACA business is now November 15 instead of October 31. Medcom will begin our yearly countdown to the deadline to sign-on as a new business next week. Stay tuned for updates, webinars, blogs, and more from Medcom Benefit Solutions.