Native American Heritage Month

Happy Native American Heritage Month! This month is set aside for Native Americans and non-natives to honor, celebrate, and pay tribute to the history and heritage of America's Indigenous Peoples.


There are plenty of online events and ways to learn about Native American Heritage to celebrate this month. The National Museum of the American Indian has an online exhibition called, Why We Serve, honoring Native Americans that have served in the United States armed forces.


Between November 12 and 18, there's an online event to showcase Native Cinema. The event celebrates native film and will be showing 47 different films. It's a completely virtual event and is available worldwide and on-demand.


There There by Tommy Orange is a novel that follows twelve different characters, connected in many ways. Stories include a fourteen-year-old performing traditional dance for the first time to honor a family member and another character navigating life newly sober. The twelve different stories are woven together to illustrate the struggles of today's Native Americans.

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer is another collection of stories told by a botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Kimmerer does a fantastic job of reminding us just how connected hard science and the wonders of the natural world really are.

Check out this list for more good reads by indigenous authors and about Native American history.

map of native american landWe're all standing on native land, so it makes sense that we not only take this month to honor their culture and heritage but try to do it all year. You can find an interactive map of all the native lands across the world by going to Check it out to find out who the land you stand on once belonged to.