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New ERISA Supreme Plus Compliance Package

The Medcom Benefit Solution's Health & Welfare Compliance team recently announced the launch of our new ERISA Supreme Plus Package! The offering is designed to cater to you and your client's compliance needs by tuning into the pain points and providing clear, easy-to-utilize solutions.

Compliance Needs:

  • Compliance has become a critical component of the employee benefits field

  • Smaller groups are paying more attention

  • The scope and complexity of compliance requirements continue to grow

  • Your clients' compliance challenges are growing

  • The financial risk continues to grow
    • Higher penalty amounts
    • Increased focus on enforcement
    • The risk from DOL & IRS audits, lawsuits, employee complaints, and whistleblowers

Seeing, acknowledging, and addressing these common needs allows us to turn them into an opportunity to grow our partner's compliance business. Utilizing a compliance package maximizes the investment by developing a stronger connection with a truly helpful compliance partner. ERISA Supreme Plus simplifies the administration of compliance services by placing all services with one compliance partner and in one all-inclusive annual package. We put the compliance puzzle pieces together for you, ensuring a more global approach to meeting your needs and the needs of your clients.

ERISA Supreme Plus is an all-in-one package with personal account management, professional consultative support, and no ticketing systems. Some of the features are:

  1. ERISA Wrap Document & SPD
  2. POP/FSA Document 
  3. Form 5500 Filing & SAR
  4. ERISA Implementation Guidance & Support
  5. SPD Guidance
  6. Ongoing Assistance with Health & Welfare Compliance issues

Watch our launch webinar via YouTube to learn about the complete package, including pricing and next steps. While you are there, subscribe to stay in the know with all updates and new solutions for your business. In addition, Medcom offers strategic support and specific training to all broker partners; check out our featured educational webinars and reach out to share any topics you are interested in learning more about. For webinar ideas to help with ERISA Supreme Plus, contact Derek Ashton, Medcom Strategic Client Relationship Consultant.