Employees with Masks On

Our Best Tips for Re-opening Your Business

As Medcom Benefit Solutions begins to slowly return to the office, we hope to share some of our best practices and tips to make your re-opening process as safe and efficient as possible. Employee stress may increase significantly when returning to the office, so we hope this blog helps your business provide a safe and inviting workplace for them to return.

Below we have listed several ways to improve the cleanliness of your work environment and new guidelines for employees to follow.

Work Environment Safety Measures 

  • Provide disinfecting wipes for employees to clean their workstations, and equipment throughout the day
  • If you have an elevator in your office, request employees to use it one at a time
  • Limit access to common areas like kitchens and other communal areas
  • Increased air circulation into the building
  • Design paths around the office to limit how often employees walk next to each other in hallways 
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting of commonly touched surfaces


Employee Guidelines for Cleaning

  • Ask employees to wash their hands frequently
  • Consider only having meetings virtually, even once you're back at the office
  • Stock hand sanitizer throughout the office
  • Give employees additional tissues for their desks
  • Ask employees to wear masks when moving around the office
  • Provide additional trash bins to limit unnecessary employee movement
  • If possible, separate shared workspaces and move employees further apart.


We hope these recommendations will allow you to create a safe work environment for your employees and will provide both knowledge and peace of mind as we navigate through COVID-19. If you are deciding whether to open, another useful tool is the CDC's Workplace Decision Tool.