ACA: Testing Your Knowledge

ACA written on wooden blocksDid you know the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010!? That’s right, ACA legislation has been in effect for 12 years. However, most of the significant provisions came later in 2014, prompting the establishment of Medcom’s ACA Solutions department in 2015.

A lot has happened since 2010, but certain areas still confuse employers and brokers. For example, ACA employee tracking, compiling data, offering affordable coverage, and filing with the IRS have many of us scratching our heads each year.

Our Senior Legal Counsel, Michelle Barki, put together a brief quiz to help test our ACA knowledge. We must admit, Michelle is tough on us, but we believe in you!

7 Questions to Test Your ACA Knowledge

Complete our seven-question quiz and be entered to win a pair of Beats wireless headphones! You must include your contact information at the end.

Medcom Benefit Solutions offers you a full-service solution for ACA Employer Reporting, FTE Tracking, Back Filing, Penalty Appeal Support, and Expert Consulting. We are currently accepting new business for 2021 reporting, but time runs out faster than we expect.

Reach out to our sales expert, Tom Neal, to learn all the ways Medcom is here to support you, your clients, and team members.