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Medcom’s Online Compliance Toolkit

Medcom has been working on our compliance platform for years to tailor it to brokers' needs. The Bridge provides an all-in-one toolkit for compliance services and other employee benefits services. Here at Medcom, we've never seen a platform quite like the Bridge. So, we're always working to give you a new, customized experience when ordering compliance services for your clients.

What Does It Do?woman with glasses looking at laptop

The purpose of social media is to connect us and allow us to interact in a way that mimics an in-person-chat. The Medcom Bridge is like social media for compliance services. It connects you directly to our compliance team and all our services. Instead of slogging and scrolling through long email threads to find the information you need, The Bridge has it all organized by company, service, or order. Plus, you have 24/7 tracking, so you always know how far along your order is and when it'll be completed, and you're always only a few clicks away from scheduling a meeting with your Account Manager as often as you need. The Bridge has an exclusive feature that we call the Document Vault. It's a place where you can safely and securely store your client's information. So, to recap, what's the purpose of The Bridge? It's an all-in-one compliance toolkit. It's an online platform that can automatically generate a proposal, place an order for compliance services, give you real-time updates on those services, connect you with your Medcom Account Manager through notes and scheduling meetings, securely store your information, and much more!

What's new?What's New?

Medcom is constantly working with you to make The Bridge the toolkit you need. So, let's go over some of the latest updates to the platform. The dashboard, a.k.a. the landing page you're taken to once logged in, has been redone. We have the most important information right at the top. Some of the first things you will see are any notes that your Account Manager has left for you to review and recent notifications regarding your orders or services. We've expanded our services to include more than just compliance. You can also order COBRA and CDHP services. Isn't it annoying to have to re-enter the same information, repeatedly, for the same client? You don't have to do that on the Bridge! Enter your client's information once and only once. It will populate for that client once it's been entered.

How Do I Get It?

Okay, okay, I get it. You've learned all about this incredible platform, and you want in. The platform is made for brokers, so if you're a broker, send us an email to today to get your login and/or schedule a demo with one of our experts. You can also reach out to Derek Ashton at to learn more about what The Bridge can do for you and your clients.