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Preparing for the Fourth Quarter

2022 feels like it just started, yet we're already gearing up for 2023. You're probably thinking: "Where has the year gone?" "Should I stick with the same administrator as last year?" "Are there any benefits I need to add for my employees?" Medcom can answer all of these for you.

Personal Touch

Medcom Benefit Solutions has been in the employee benefits game for a while, 39 years to be exact, but one thing continues to set us apart from others. The human element. Our dedicated Account Managers offer personalized support and do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.


Another thing that sets us apart is the training we offer. If you have a lot of new people but lack good training programs, we can fill that gap. We have you covered, from how COBRA and FSAs work to CDHP and Compliance rules. We also provide training on moving a case through Medcom so you know exactly what to expect along the way.

Switching administrators can be a mountain of paperwork, but our account managers are here to help get you through every step. Ready for open enrollment? Have goals for next year but not sure where to start? If you have a lot of questions going into the last quarter of 2022, then we have the answers. Contact us at 800-523-7542 or You can also check out our Solutions page for a list of our services.

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