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Customized Training Opportunities for your Team

Is it just me, or are you crazy busy right now? Not just typical, run-of-the-mill busy, but CRAZY busy! I feel that one thing that has come from the past year is that no matter the situation we are in, we have found ourselves busier than ever, and because of that, we are running out of steam; we are running out of ideas; we are running on empty!

Medcom tries in every way to help our clients and employers. We provide many different solutions for your team to make Compliance easier, ACA Reporting faster, COBRA understandable, and CDHP administration seamless. In our efforts to find new ways to serve our community of clients, we found that making time and finding the energy to train employees was a huge need for corporations, big and small.Numbered List of Medcom Services

Employers must train on a variety of information each year. Whether we are talking about HIPAA Privacy and Security training for all employees or COBRA Qualifying Events and Timeframes for the HR team, there is always some demand to know more and be better equipped to handle day-to-day company issues. Staying updated on all the new risks, regulations, legislation, and all those things takes time and energy, and most of us have run out!

That is where we want to help! Medcom offers customizable training opportunities for your team, your clients, and your participants.

Whether you are a broker-partner wishing to offer COBRA training to your clients or an employer looking for your employee HIPAA Privacy and Security training, Medcom has options to fit your needs. We can provide detailed training or just the basics. Whatever your team needs to help cross items off your yearly to-do list.

Think about our solutions at Medcom: ACA, Health & Welfare Compliance, HIPAA, COBRA, and CDHP…what type of mix and match can you do? Do your clients need more information on COBRA but also need to understand ERISA better first? We can do that!

Or does your HR department need to double-check their nondiscrimination compliance along with their wellness plans? We can do that, too. We are here to make what you need our top priority.

Reach out to Derek Ashton or Michelle Barki to see how we can help take some of the stress out of your day-to-day. In the meantime, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest educational webinars on the American Rescue Plan Act, COBRA changes, and Dependent Care updates.

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